Join the Club is a website by and for Gourmets and Gourmands, and other people who love good food, preferably in restaurants and tapas bars on the Costa del Sol and in Andalusia.

It is a restaurant website where the quality/price ratio is exclusively determined by the users of the website.

It is fun to easily upload or evaluate your favourite restaurants and tapas bars.

Earn points and choose a restaurant voucher of 10, 25 or 50 Euros or for shares in

Why a new restaurant site?

Doesn´t something similar already exist?


Similar websites that have existed for longer are very handy. If you want to know which are the 10 best restaurants in Granada, or the 10 best tapas bars in Málaga, you can view them within 10 seconds on the screen. The founders of also use those sites, but the similar websites that have existed for longer have a few major drawbacks.

The ranking is the average appreciation of the average taste of a very big group and if you enjoy a good restaurant you can give it 4 or 5 stars or balls (?) which is between 80 and a 100. We find this too general.

The ranking of the similar websites that have existed for longer is too easily manipulated, especially for commercial purposes such as by using a booking system or not. And we don’t find that fair.

The evaluation system of gives most emphasis to the quality/price ratio, so, the highest possible quality for the lowest possible price. This makes it more fun to eat in such a restaurant or tapas bar. Top quality food for tapas prices! On you can give your evaluation for many other factors, not only the food and the price, but also the atmosphere, service, location, parking facilities, child-friendliness, wheelchair accessibility, and hygiene, (for example in the toilets). has no advertising, earning or winning plans. We are not for sale and nobody else but the users determines the ratings and the order on the site. is a website created by and for Gourmets and Gourmands, and other people who enjoy good food, especially in restaurants and tapas bars, on the Costa del Sol and in Andalusia. It is designed for people who enjoy and eat out more than average in restaurants and tapas bars, often in their own neighbourhood, village or town, but also further afield in Andalusia, Spain or other countries. They are people who dare to recommend a restaurant because they know it is good.
For similar websites that have existed for longer you must often do a lot; reviews or appreciations of flights, hotels, apartments or restaurants. And you never get anything in return. We don’t think this is fair because if you do something you should get something in return!

When you sign up, evaluate and upload your first restaurant or tapas bar, you will get credits in your account;. when you sign up and confirm, you receive 100 credit points and if you write a review you get another 100 points and if your review is more extensive (more than a 100 words and photos), 200 points and, to get off to a good start, you will receive double points until the end of 2018.

After some time you will have the opportunity to exchange these points for a restaurant voucher of 10, 25 or 50 Euros, or you can choose for a share in 

This way you will become a shareholder and if becomes more successful, this might be lucrative. The dividend will be given out in the form of more shares or restaurant vouchers. More will be explained later.

Check out your friends favourites

Get a share per listing

Get vouchers & coupons

It is fun to follow your friends and to see which restaurants are their favourites. You can react to their choices like they can to yours. The uploads and evaluations of unknown people might also surprise you.

The team of wants the quality/price ratio figure to be exclusively determined by the users of the site, those who love eating well and therefore upload and rate restaurants and tapas bars.

We will reward you for uploading and evaluating good restaurants and after some time you can choose for restaurant vouchers or shares in

The success of this website is dependent on your participation because the more people that share, the more fun it will become.

Initially, we will limit ourselves to the best restaurants and tapas bars on the Costa del Sol and in Andalusia.

You reserve directly by telephone, SMS or WhatsApp at the restaurant or tapas bar where you want to eat. We don’t have a reservation service and the restaurant owner doesn’t pay us.

About us

Q2Eat was founded by Tom van Wees and Mieke Feenstra. Both are great lovers of tasty food, atmospheric – and surprising restaurants. 

Both Dutch, living in Estepona and working as a broker, they want to enthuse friends and friends of friends to share their favorite restaurants with each other.

Real reviews by real people. 

Restaurant owners cannot influence  reviews or their positions by paying for advertising.

At Q2eat we’re aiming for a club feeling; we build the website together and give and take from it, which will also apply to the value of the website.

“Q2eat makes going out for dinner even more social”

 Adrian Helmets

Local knowledge

Uploads and ratings are made by people who want to bring their favorite restaurants and tapas bars to the attention. Or by means of a positive review to increase the rating of a (favorite) restaurant.

And by people who love good food, who discover interesting restaurants on holiday or on holiday that are worth uploading or appreciating.

In your own environment you have a few restaurants or tapas bars where you like to eat. Because it is nice or because it is cheap or because the food is exceptionally good. In short, a good quality price ratio. The nicest and best restaurants and tapas bars on the Costa del Sol and Andalucia. Or in your own environment.

No ads has no advertising or earning capacity but it is the intention to generate income from fellow websites such as and It is the intention to give evaluations of hotels and apartments, and to share experiences with rent-a-car companies at Málaga Airport on these websites, which are still in development.

On these websites, possibilities will be created to generate income from advertising and from this income the costs of will be covered and hopefully a profit will be made eventually.


Participate and who knows, you might be the first to enjoy a free meal in a new to be favourite restaurant.